Toner Technology

ITDL R&D center is well equipped to deal with the ever-increasing diversity of the requirements & technical complexity of today’s Toner Industry. This involves designing and manufacturing, consistent and reliable compatible Toner Products matching the requirements of the users at a micro level. With a vast experience of over 3 decades, the development Team at ITDL, along with Japanese technical assistance, work hard to develop compatible toners in this dynamic space.

World class raw materials used

With an experienced and well qualified & dedicated team including Chemical Engineers (with a Masters in Chemistry), ITDL explores the most suited raw material from word’s best Raw material manufacturers. Selection is based to match with the changing technological trend in toner for appropriate Speed, Low temperature fixing etc. We work together with the Raw Material Supplier to explore best suited Polymer Resin, Waxes, Pigments, CCA and Additives to prepare toner formulation which is most suited to run on Copiers/ Printers as per user requirements.

Blending Technology

Blending technology involves an accurate choice of the Batch Size , Chopper speed, Blending time , Temperature conditions etc. ITDL uses a PLC Controlled Blender which ensures proper control of these variables. From the Pilot Plant to the main production line, similar Blending Equipment’s of different sizes are available. This ensures an invariable scale up of the Pilot Plant batches to main Production Line. Precise protocols of inspection, monitoring & analysis are utilized to ensure the quality of each batch.

Compounding Technology

ITDL uses precision Twin Screw Extruders for the kneading operation. In order to achieve the best level of dispersion of micro sized particles we select the optimized designing of the Screw configuration, L/D ratio, well-controlled temperature range and precise adjustment of the screw speed. On the regular interval the Kneaded material is taken for the analysis of the dielectric constant & dispersion factor etc. This ensures the level of dispersion of the critical raw materials regularly. This is very important to achieve the consistent print quality throughout the print cycle.

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